CIMPA is well on track!

Partners meet in Pertuis, at the premises of Pellenc ST, for the interim review meeting of CIMPA.

The first interim review meeting brough together the 13 CIMPA partners to assess the progress of the project. The review took place on 25 January in Pertuis (France), hosted by Pellenc ST, where lively and fruitful discussions were held with the external and independent reviewers and the Project Officer from the European Research Executive Agency (REA).

CIMPA’s main results, achievements, challenges, lessons learnt, and next steps were some of the topics discussed during the meeting. 

Moreover, a demonstration on the sorting solution proposed by CIMPA, combining NIR and digital watermarking technologies, was carried out at Pellenc ST Innovation Center. This joint prototype developed by Pellenc and Filigrade shows the improvements on the multilayer film sorting efficiency, an essential step towards the circularity of plastic films.

Technical workshops were held on specific topics and activities on 26 January 2023. AIMPLAS presented an update on the food contact regulation, BENKEI explained the upcoming tasks on dissemination and exploitation of results and EURIC introduced the new EU rules on packaging and packaging waste after the EC’s proposal publication. In addition, parallel sessions took place on the LCA and quality assessment, and the work plan on demonstrators.