CIMPA establishes direct connections with other networks, initiatives and projects to inform them about the project, and to explore future collaborations and partnerships.

Circular Plastics Alliance

The Circular Plastics Alliance aims to boost the EU market for recycled plastics to 10Mt by 2025. The alliance covers the full plastics value chains and includes 282 organisations representing industry, academia and public authorities. New stakeholders can join the alliance by signing its declaration. EuRIC, AIMPLAS, TNO, VTT and IPC are active partners/ thematic coordinators in this alliance.

Recyclers' Talks by EuRIC

A webinar series connecting the dots between EU decision-makers and recyclers to discuss the building blocks required to speed up the transition towards a more circular economy and achieve Europe’s climate neutral agenda.

HolyGrail2 project

HolyGrail2 project (with the participation of FiliGrade and Pellenc ST). A collaborative effort designed to solve inefficient sorting at sorting plants and recycling facilities through the introduction of digital watermarks.