Communication Materials

General Presentation of CIMPA project

This general presentation includes the main points of the project: the consortium, background, objectives, activities and expected impact.

CIMPA flyer

A small leaflet with CIMPA project’s objectives, approach and consortium

CIMPA poster

All the steps in the CIMPA value chain for multilayer plastic recycling are explaining in this poster.

CIMPA logos

The CIMPA logo is available in various formats. When using the CIMPA logo, you must acknowledge the support received under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme in project materials.

Project Deliverables

D7.1. Communication Plan

The Communication Plan presents the major stakeholders, events, actions identified for the project communication during the project as well as the means of communication and targeted KPIs.

D7.2. Plan on Dissemination & Exploitation

 This report provides a comprehensive plan of the dissemination activities expected and mapped at the outset of the project, to meet the KPIs that have been further established.