Community & Stakeholders

Network and engage with CIMPA

Are you intrigued about the CIMPA project? Then we have some great news for you! CIMPA will be organising different engagement activites which YOU can join!  You will learn about the project, get to network with other key stakeholders from the industry and, even more importantly have the opportunity to discuss and influence pressing issues. You want to join us and be part of our exciting journey?

All you need to do is CONTACT US to express your interest in the project and we will do rest! 

Stakeholders' Advisory Board

The Stakeholders’ Advisory Board (SAB), managed and moderated by Prospex Institute, is composed of outstanding (European, and extra European) scientists and stakeholders from the whole value chain of the plastic market. They provide knowledge from their skills and expertise in the sustainable management and disposal of the EoL plastics and derivatives, more generally in the circular economy and recycling, carbon footprint. SAB acts with a consultancy and advisory function, being part of the CIMPA strategy orienting the activities toward the real needs of stakeholders related to the project issues.

Value chain workshops

Understanding the needs and barriers facing the multi-layered plastic value chain stakeholders is fundamental to make sure that the solutions developed in CIMPA can be integrated in the market. Two value chain workshops will be organized, gathering actors from the whole plastic value chain, to discuss circular business models and symbiosis opportunities to make a recycled multi-layered plastic a realit

Engaging with citizens

Innovation has little chance to conquer the market if final consumers are not willing to adopt it. To bring their voices in the development of recycled multi-layered plastic, CIMPA will hold six Citizen Labs, designed and moderated by Prospex Institute. These sessions, taking place at workplaces, universities, or public events such as fairs, will allow CIMPA to better understand public awareness and concerns when it comes to purchasing, disposing, and recycling multi-layered plastic packaging.

CIMPA will implement a systemic engagement of all actors along the value chain from the multi-layered plastic packaging producers for the food and agriculture industry to the actors utilizing new sorting and recycling technics developed within the project.