CIMPA partners finally came together for the first face-to-face technical meeting at IPC in Oyonnax (France)

On 10 and 11 March, partners had the opportunity to present and discuss the technologies developed within CIMPA project, physical recycling, decontamination process and LCA scope. 

Moreover, different workshops were hold in parallel with small groups on three topics: 

  1. Categorization in simple and complex films, 
  2. Return to food contact, and
  3. Decontamination and upgrading.

The presentations generated rich and lively discussions on the topics examined and helped to foster synergies between partners.

These scientific-technical discussions were combined with a visit to IPC recycling pilot line. Céline Chevallier, coordinator of CIMPA project, and Skander Mani (both from IPC), showed the shredder, the washing and drying equipment and the densifier, all of them used within CIMPA. Partners could also saw the flotation separation equipment and the brand-new sorting equipment from Pellenc.

On Friday, participants travel to Chassieu, near Lyon to visit Paprec Trivalo 69 waste sorting center, which sorts recyclable household waste from the Lyon metropolitan area and nearby municipalities. With an annual sorting capacity of 60.000 tonnes of selective collection, this new and modern sorting plant is one of the largest in France in terms of capacity.