CIMPA partners met in Tampere for the 4th General Assembly

The 4th General Assembly of CIMPA was held on 31 May and 1 June in Tampere (Finland), hosted by VTT

The international consortium of CIMPA traveled to Tampere (Finland) for the fourth General Assembly of the project. The meeting, hosted by VTT, took place on the 31 May and 1 June.

Lively and fruitful discussions were held with the 23 participants from the 13 different organisations involved in this research and innovation project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

A number of topics were discussed, including the sharing of preliminary results and milestones achieved. Future actions to be implemented in the final phase of the project were determined in order to achieve the CIMPA objective: to develop a feasible recycling route for multilayer plastic films.

On 31 May, the CIMPA consortium also had the opportunity to visit the VTT Polymer Pilot facilities and the advanced compounding & mechanical recycling line with adaptive in-line property control capabilitiesThis included the novel pilot recycling line
(VAREX) with in-line adaptive rheology control and additivation (more info
here), used in CIMPA for the tuning of
the properties of multi-layer recyclates. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland was founded in 1942 and today, has more than 2.200 employees.

Moreover, two citizen labs organized by Prospex Institute took place in Tampere (30 May 2023) and Helsinki (1 June 2023) to
better understand public awareness and concerns when it comes to purchasing, disposing and recycling of multilayer plastic packaging.