CIMPA presents its achievements at several European events

Promoting CIMPA project and explaining its objectives and results are key components of this H2020 project. With one year to go before the end of the project, the consortium partners are more mobilised than ever to showcase their innovative solutions and progress at multiple exhibitions, conferences and workshops. 

Innovation Forum 4 Plastics in Brussels

On 15 March, CIMPA participated in the Innovation Forum 4 Plastics organised by ITRB Group in Brussels. This clustering initiative brought together H2020 EU-funded projects dealing with plastics recycling and re-use, with end-users, industry representatives and policy makers from the European Commission.

Maria Vera, Project Officer at EuRIC and CIMPA WP7 leader, presented the session dedicated to food packaging, introducing the EU-funded projects CIRCULAR FOODPACK, SURPASS, TERMINUS, BUDDIE-PACK, and SOLREC2. Céline Chevallier, CIMPA Project Coordinator at IPC (France), presented CIMPA’s innovative solutions to make multilayer plastics more circular.

EuRIC Annual Conference in Brussels

CIMPA’s developments on the physical recycling of multilayer plastic films were introduced by Lucie Prins, Research Scientist at TNO, during the event “Boosting Recycling through Future-Fit policies”.

The conference, organized by EuRIC, took place on 30 March and included a session on how innovative EU-funded projects are contributing to accelerating the transition towards a circular economy.

Moreover, a presentation on the new european rules for packaging was given by the European Commission, followed with a discussion on how these harmonised rules can boost packaging circularity. 


The industrial workshop organized by TERMINUS Project took place on 13 and 14 April in Clermont Auvergne INP. 

CIMPA’s expert Sami Zakarya from LEYGATECH participated and presented the CIMPA’s project advancements on the recyclability of multilayer plastic packaging.

CIMPA and TERMINUS are sister H2020 projects aiming at boosting the recycling of multilayer plastic packaging.

Boosting Plastic Packaging Recyclability: Setting the Right Standards

On 27 April 2023, a webinar organized by took place to discuss how the EU can increase plastic packaging recyclability through legislation and standards.

Updates on regulation and standardization committees were presented by speakers from the European Commission, AFNOR and CITEO. Maria Vera, from EuRIC, introduced the CIMPA project and the activities carried out by the consortium to link the project’s results to the legislative and standardization developments.

The recording of the webinar and slides are available here.

Plastic Recycling Show Europe (PRSE) 2023

The Plastic Recycling Show which took place in Amsterdam on 10-11 May  was a perfect occasion to showcase the preliminary results of the project. 

Celine Chevallier from IPC and Maria Vera from EuRIC introduced the advancements in the sorting of multilayer packaging through NIR and digital watermarking technologies to a wide audience of industry representatives.

Other CIMPA project partners such as PAPREC, Pellenc ST and AIMPLAS were exhibitors during this international trade fair.