Spreading the world

Promoting CIMPA project and explaining its objectives and results are key components of this H2020 project. CIMPA partners have begun 2022 participating in different workshops and fairs.

What research topics should be funded by the EU to accelerate the green transition ?

jesuisEUcolo is a citizen lab in France organised by ACI Association des Conseils en Innovation which allows citizens to participate in defining the future orientations and priorities of the Horizon Europe program regarding the green transition.

We couldn’t miss this opportunity to present how CIMPA will contribute to a circular economy in which plastic never becomes waste.

Céline Chevallier presented this H2020 project on 5 February 2022, followed by an interesting Q&A session where the main ideas were incorporated in a brainstorm sketch.

LOOP – Murcia’s Circular Economy Fair

CIMPA partner Eversia took part in the Circular Economy fair LOOP at Murcia, Spain. During the one week fair, talks, roundtables and collective reflection sessions were held to motivate participants and companies to join the sustainable transition.

In a round table discussion held on 9 February 2022, Salvador Martinez de Maya, R&D coordinator at Eversia, talked about how research and innovation projects are key to design new recycled & safe materials, and specially how CIMPA project will develop the next generations of 100% recyclable multilayer food packaging.

More information about the event here.