Systemic transition to the circularity of multi-layer films

The first work package of CIMPA project named “Systemic transition to the circularity of multi-layer films” aims at defining the right path for multilayer films to become recyclable. To do so, our work is to establish the requirements, through the value chain, that a multilayer film needs to have to be recyclable and recycled. At this point, CIMPA partners have already gathered specifications from different parts of the value chain (industries concerned in recycling, producing and separating multilayers) and organized surveys, workshops and research within the value chain. The next steps are described as follows:

  • First, CIMPA partnership will gather information/specification from the end users (citizens via citizens labs) and the creation of a stakeholder advisory board.
  • Then we will continue to study the food contact assessment and compliance to agriculture standards by developing characterization and prediction tool that allows to predict migration comportments.
  • Finally, circularity-by-design strategies will be established to help stakeholders to produce / buy / recycle circular multilayer packaging the best way.

Leygatech, leader of WP1

The company LEYGATECH, leader of this first work package, is a French producer of mono and multilayer films mainly for food industry but also Pharmacopoeia, industry and other technical fields. This company employs actually 195 persons for a production of 34 000 t/y in 28 countries representing 96 m€ of turnover.  LEYGATECH is also involved from many years in the development and production of circular solutions for the food packaging industry using and developing the use EVOH as recyclable barrier resin with PE. Indeed, LEYGATECH was also the first French extruder to obtain ISCC plus certification to use chemically recycled polyolefins and participates in many projects with the ambition of developing recycle ready, technical products.

Leygatech installations