Innovation Forum 4 Plastics highlights EU innovations for plastics circularity

The 2024 edition of the “Innovation Forum 4 Plastics” was held in Brussels on 19 April, and showcased different innovative solutions of EU-funded projects aiming at reducing plastic waste and boosting plastic recycling and circularity. 

Hosted by EuRIC on behalf of the CIMPA project, supported by the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA) and as a side event of the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), the event attracted approximately 70 participants.

Sophie Sicard, President of EuRIC’s European Plastic Recycling Branch (EPRB) said in her opening remarks: “While our industry drives innovation, we also require innovation from the EU legislation. Achieving economic profitability in plastics recycling and circularity is the main challenge and demands political solutions.”

Evdokia AchilleosHead of Sector “Circular and Bio-based Economy and Zero Pollution” at the European Commission’s Research and Executive Agency (REA), highlighted the importance of collaborations in enhancing efforts to increase plastics circularity and the role of R&I projects in achieving the EU’s green objectives. 

The event introduced the Circular Plastics Cluster, a coalition of 7 EU-funded projects, and results from partner projects CIMPA, Circular FoodPack, SOL-REC2, and Merlin, focusing on multilayer plastic recycling, were highlighted. Additionally, presentations on sustainable food plastic packaging were provided by recently funded projects STOPP, MANGO, VISS, and REBIOLUTION. The event also showcased project outcomes on circular technical plastics, including PRIMUS, Green3D, Circular Flooring, and PLAST2BCLEANED.

Concluding the event was a panel discussion addressing the role of R&I projects in EU policy. Panelists Pierre Fiasse (Groupe Comet), Katharina Schlegel (Plastics Europe), Wolfgang Trunk (European Commission, DG ENV), Silvia Maltagliati (European Commission, DG RTD), and Olga Pozlevic (European Commission, DG GROW) shared insights on legislative developments and challenges in advancing plastic circularity.

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