Fast and eficient sorting for multilayer films

Fast and efficient sorting for multilayers The Pellenc ST company, leader of the Work package 2 in CIMPA project, is a French manufacturer of intelligent and connected sorting machines for the recycling value chain. With an increasing turnover of 52M€ in 2021 and 250 employees, it is a key actor that enhances innovation, and brings industrial […]

Technical requirements from waste management and recycling organisations

Technical requirements from waste management and recycling organisations CIMPA’s members worked on a questionnaire to collect data from waste management and recycling organisations. These data aimed to address technical requirements for waste films packaging sorting and recycling (mechanical recycling and other technologies). Data has been collected during the last quarter of 2021. For the sorting […]

CIMPA partners travel to Valencia for the 2nd General Assembly

CIMPA partners travel to Valencia for the second General Assembly, hosted by AIMPLAS The international consortium of CIMPA met in Valencia (Spain) for the second General Assembly of the project. The meeting, hosted by AIMPLAS, took place on the 1st and 2nd June and gathered 27 participants from the 13 different organizations taking part in […]

CIMPA partners gathered at IPC Oyonnax (France)

CIMPA partners finally came together for the first face-to-face technical meeting at IPC in Oyonnax (France) On 10 and 11 March, partners had the opportunity to present and discuss the technologies developed within CIMPA project, physical recycling, decontamination process and LCA scope. Moreover, different workshops were hold in parallel with small groups on three topics: […]

Systemic transition to the circularity of multi-layer films

Systemic transition to the circularity of multi-layer films The first work package of CIMPA project named “Systemic transition to the circularity of multi-layer films” aims at defining the right path for multilayer films to become recyclable. To do so, our work is to establish the requirements, through the value chain, that a multilayer film needs […]

Spreading the word 2022

Spreading the world Promoting CIMPA project and explaining its objectives and results are key components of this H2020 project. CIMPA partners have begun 2022 participating in different workshops and fairs. What research topics should be funded by the EU to accelerate the green transition ? jesuisEUcolo is a citizen lab in France organised by ACI […]

Spreading the word 2021

Spreading the word 2021 Since the begginning of the project, CIMPA partners have been introducing CIMPA project, its objectives and expected impacts at relevants events and fairs such as pollutec in France and ecomondo in Italy. Cluster meeting on projects contributing to EU Plastics Strategy – a great initiative to promote clustering and maximise synergies […]

Kick-off meeting of CIMPA

Kick-off meeting of CIMPA – 16 and 17 June 2021 On 16 and 17 June 2021, the Project Partners of CIMPA – A CIrcular Multilayer Plastic Approach for value retention of end-of-life multilayer films – gathered to officially kick-off this HORIZON 2020 project. The meeting was opened by Céline Chevallier and Arnaud Littner, who welcomed […]

Interview with the project coordinator

Interview with the CIMPA’s project coordinator Meet CIMPA’s project coordinator, Céline Chevallier, who, from the IPC – Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites – in France, manages the multicultural and multidisciplinary consortium of CIMPA. Céline talks about the present and future of this project and her role as project coordinator. Can you tell us what is CIMPA […]